to Maryland Beach Resort


The most economical first class quality beach resort nearest Metro Manila your family will surely enjoy. Enjoy the scenic breezy view of Tagaytay ridge on your way to the cool and green atmosphere of Nasugbu, Batangas.


We invite you to stay in our air conditioned rooms and native cottages and enjoy swimming and strolling along our beautiful beach where the warm sand will soothe each and every step. Easy access to bancas makes sightseeing a sea breeze. Frolic in our pool and swim to cool off and relax.


Entrance Fee Adult P150 | Kids P100 / Head Adult P150 | Kids P100 / Head Adult P150 | Kids P100 / Head
Economy Room P1,300 P1,800 P1,200 P1,500 P1,300 P1,800
Poolside Cottages P1,500 P2,000 P1,500 P1,800 P1,500 P2,000
Duplex Cottage P3,000 P4,000 P3,000 P3,500 P3,000 P4,000
Family Room P3,500 P4,000 P3,000 P3,500 P3,500 P4,000
Deluxe Room P3,500 P4,000 P3,000 P3,500 P3,500 P4,000
Bulacan Room P4,500 P5,000 P3,000 P3,500 P5,500 P6,000
Suite Room P4,500 P5,000 P4,000 P4,500 P5,500 P6,000
Beach Sheds Range from P1,500 To P7,000
Pavillion P3,000 (Day Tour) P3,000 (Day Tour) P2,800 (Day Tour)
Multipurpose Hall
w/ airconed room
P10,000 P6,000 P8,000

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We accept reservations for Wedding, Beach Events, Birthday Parties, Reunion, Company Outing, Team Building, Anniversary Celebration and more!

For inquiries please call or text

0977-805-0462 (GLOBE)

0915-482-6904 (GLOBE)

0932-103-0335 (SUN)

You can also send us an e-mail at